The Internet is filled with tons of so-called legitimate work from home jobs. They promise to pay you gross amounts of moola by hardly lifting a finger. It’s difficult to know which online work from home job is legit. Below are suggestions and tricks to help you look for the best legitimate work at home jobs without being robbed.

1. Detailed Research – search on the net about scam reports on certain jobs that you find online. Users aren’t scared to voice their opinion when they’ve had a bad experience. One or two bad reviews aren’t anything to necessarily worry about, but if you consistently hear about opportunities cheating people out of hundreds of dollars, it certainly is time to look elsewhere.

2. Do They Have A Contact addresses – If they proclaim to have legitimate work from home job you should be able to find a telephone no or postal address readily available? Do not give your money if the information is not present, there are methods of tracking a website contact information, but why go through the trouble if they don’t hand it to you on a platter.

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3. Will They Guarantee Payment – According to me, to be considered as one of the best legitimate work from home jobs they most definitely have to have a payment guarantee and/or a money back guarantee. If they don’t there may be a reason for it.

4. Believe Your Instincts – If you feel like you’re being cheated in and get that bad gut feeling, maybe the work at home job you are considering isn’t right for you. Most people have an intuition about online scams.

By following these easy guidelines, you have already saved yourself from most of the scams online. Be sensible, yet follow your gut instinct and you will be well on your way to find the best legitimate work at home jobs.