Parquet is a beautiful but expensive floor covering. It is demanding for styling and maintenance. There is a large selection of decors, types of wood flooring and board designs on the market. How to choose the exact parquet you need without spending extra money? Which parquet is better: solid board, parquet board or engineering one?

However, when laid, they will all be indistinguishable from each other, since they have the same outer layer – a valuable species of wood, which has one or another factory decor. Therefore, from an aesthetic point of view, there is no difference between them. The difference is in the price, durability and, in part, in the methods of installation for which this or that parquet is intended.

Solid board: expensive, prestigious

Solid wood flooring is the most durable and expensive type of wood flooring. Each board is a solid piece of wood. Service life – 50 years and longer, or in other words – forever, if you don’t want to change it earlier. In addition, the solid board can be sanded and refurbished if it suddenly dents or scratches from rough handling.

Parquet board: cheaper, but also natural

This is an option for those who is interested in natural wood under feet, but at the same time there is an understanding that parquet is purchased not for decades, but for 15-20 years – until the next repair.

The essence of a parquet board: under the top layer of valuable wood there are conifers, and therefore this board is cheaper than solid wood.

Engineering board: the advantages of solid and parquet boards together

This is also a multi-layer board, but under the outer “expensive” layer there are not needles, but birch plywood. Therefore, it not only looks like a massive board, but also fits like it – on glue – hence the opportunity to restore.