The first thing to do is to determine the number of people who travel. If there are no more than four travelers, then it is more profitable to order a passenger car, and in other cases you can hire a minibus. Now is the time to choose a company that specializes in airport transfers at Heathrow airport. There shouldn’t be any special problems here, since there are quite a few such organizations, although you need to choose a good company.

Inform the company staff of the exact date and time of your arrival. If you have not decided on the date yet, find a company in which you can book any vehicle. Find out how diverse the technology for transporting travelers is. The fleet of a good company has all the existing options, among which you will quickly decide on the final choice.

Now inspect all cars and buses that are in the arsenal of the company: they must meet modern requirements, since very often foreigners use such services. Be sure to check if the air conditioner is working in the cabin of the selected vehicle, because in summer this item plays an important role. Ask if a tour guide is available and how much you need to pay for it. These are the main features of airport transfers. If you use such services, then the problem of moving around the city will recede into the background.

There are three main types of transfers:

Individual transfer – as a rule, tourists order individual one via the Internet using special services.

Group transfer – organized by a travel agency, in the event that you are flying on vacation on a tourist voucher. This also includes a vacation trip when buying last-minute tours.

VIP transfer – a representative car is served with such a transfer, with a good finish, expensive drinks, flowers and all the attributes of a luxurious life.