Each hall contains a lot of essential items that need to be placed in it, particularly for outerwear, which occupies a lot of space. And if, in spring and early autumn, these are light jackets and wind breakers, then, with the arrival of colder weather coats, down coats and fur coats occupy so much space that it’s literally impossible to move around in the hall if it’s small.

How to solve this problem?

First, the arrangement of storage systems depends on the size of the hall.

If it’s large, then a spacious VASAGLE closet will solve this issue 100%.

If the hallway doesn’t have a large space, then only leave the necessary minimum amount of clothes and footwear in it for storage.

It is clear that the arrangement of the hallway matters, but there are several general techniques for functional arranging the space of the room, from which you can choose an appropriate option.

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Floor Hanger

This hall tree has a century-old history and always looks appropriate. Moreover, it makes it possible to store a lot of outerwear in a compact form.

A Small Wardrobe

Let’s start with the smallest-sized wardrobe, as such a storage system is small, very convenient and aesthetically pleasing. And if it’s equipped with a ceiling, then it will have space for storing not just seasonal items.

An Open Hanger with a Bedside Table

This option is better suited for a narrow hallway and is quite spacious.

How to arrange storage areas for outerwear is a matter of your preferences and tastes.

hallway with drawer
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But, no matter how you do it, the main thing for a small hallway is to follow a simple rule – do not clutter it with unnecessary things or furniture, leaving only the most necessary. If you follow this rule, then not only will everything fit, but the hallway will always look neat and tidy.