Chicken is one of the most popular types of meat in the world.  This is due to its high digestibility, and due to the content of protein, useful amino acids, vitamins. Chicken meat is one of the most important components of a healthy diet. It is almost universal food. There are chicken dishes in the recipes of almost all cuisines of the world.  You will never get bored with chicken if it is selected and cooked correctly.  There are also many chicken producers.  But not all of them are really popular and successful.  What should be a poultry farm for its products to attract a lot of consumers?

It should be like LaProvincia, one of the leaders of poultry farming in Romania.  Forty years of experience in the poultry market has allowed LaProvincia to create a production system that meets the most stringent requirements.  In LaProvincia, the grain is grown for feed for chickens, and all conditions are created for free range of chickens, and packaging and delivery of finished products are carried out.  Production is as environmentally friendly as possible, even all litter is used to produce natural fertilizers. Experienced food and veterinary specialists of LaProvincia are in touch with every step of the chicken meat production process.

Beautiful packaging with LaProvincia products delights both your eyes and your wallet.  It’s also high-quality chicken meat that will benefit your health.  There are products for every taste: chicken breast, chicken fillet, drumsticks, wings, and offal such as chicken hearts and liver.  LaProvincia products will suit you whatever chicken dish you want to make.  It is not for nothing that these products are popular in many European countries.

Try chicken products from this manufacturer and you will know that you have found the best chicken meat. Bon Appetit!