A website landing page is the first impression you’ll make on a visitor. The rule is simple, your landing page has about 1-2 second span to attract or drive away from the visitor. In such a short time the human mind is able to determine whether or not the website is useful and attractive to the eye. If the page failed to be attractive then you’ve lost an ability to add one more user to your arsenal.

A Landing page can be portrayed as an internet page where visitors are directed once they’ve clicked on an online ad or a link from one of the internet websites. Landing pages are used to draw attention and attract new visitors or leads. The main idea of any landing page is to increase the possibility of returning the visitor to the website with current or future ability to convert to the reader, buyer or user. Lots of times business owners have only one main landing page, their home page. However, home page usually has many different fields and sections on it and is not that flexible to draw the attention to a specific subject as it has to be brought enough to give a coverage of the whole website; that’s is why creating different landing pages for different products or services is a good idea in increasing the chance of the online campaign. Developing an engaging and relevant to the product or service landing page is the key process in boosting up your online sales. Web designers should always remember that the page needs to be relevant and don’t overwhelm the visitor with graphics. It should be simple yet enhanced with the balanced amount of graphics so that the visitor feels comfortable, relaxed and understands the topic. The designer should also remember to create a page that can be easily optimized from the search engine perspective ( SEO ).


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A breaking heading with attractive true statements and useful information can create a great landing page that will generate visitors and convert them from potential customers to buyers. It is not enough just to generate the traffic; the main idea why the traffic is generated is to convert visitors to leads. Always keep in mind that you have to display a true and relevant description and information to your visitors. Always focus on the content by displaying enough info on top of the fold and providing the link to the next page that you want to transfer the visitor to for the final conversion, check out or call to action. Always provide several response choices: provide the visitor with an easy option to contact you, phone number, email or emails of support, additional information or any other helpful information.