Many parents find it frustrating to communicate effectively with the people in their child’s day care center. Communication is enormously important when running a small business, particularly if your business is a daycare center. Your chief service is taking care of the very person most important to the parents, their child. Then it is only to be expected that the parents would want to find out for themselves that the personnel in the center are deeply committed and involved in the care of their children. Communication is of such importance, not only does it show that you care about your clients, but also that you are a professional in the daycare industry.

You should allow a few minutes every day to speak with the child’s parents about anything good that happened to their child while he or she was in the center. If there is anything negative to say about a child place that information in the middle of a conversation. So in other words, start with positive comments, then negative, and always end in positive.

It is a good thing for you to know as much about the child as you can write, you should do this as soon as the parent talks to you about entering the child into the center. What do they enjoy doing on the weekend, what are their concerns regarding childcare, what are they looking for? Really try to find out what kind of family your customer is and what their needs are. Knowing everything you can will help you cope with the needs of the child the moment they enter your center.

School regulations and policies must be stated and explained right from the start. Doing this will clearly delineate the scope and limitation of your daycare center. Daycare owners frequently complain that the guidelines are frequently overlooked by the parents. You need to establish the policies and limitations as soon as possible to prevent being taken advantage of.

Give sufficient notice when administering changes. If there’s going to be some big change with the daycare, make sure you give the parents enough time to prepare for the changes and make plans of their own. Not everyone is open to change, and some take longer than others to accept changes, so give them sufficient time to absorb the facts.

Review the daycare’s performance at least once a year. Find out if your parents are happy and what kind of improvements they are looking for. It will be better for your business if you know what the parents are thinking so that you too can make the necessary improvements. Don’t tell the parents that you’re the one doing the survey so that they can express honestly what they are thinking.