Blog advertising has proven to be extremely effective for many companies for at least five major reasons:

1. Direct focused traffic – Sponsoring reviews on blogs around the web that already receive traffic is a nearly instant way to gain positive exposure. Positive exposure pays off both directly as well as indirectly. For example, someone might see a positive product or service review on a blog that they already trust and thus they will trust that product and/or service far more than if they would simply have seen a standard advertisement for that same product and/or service. Since sponsored blog posts will generally be in blogs that are related to the subject of the product or service being advertised, they should be able to attract a large number of potential converters. This is a very direct form of developing an interest in focused traffic, but the indirect form is even more powerful…

2. Indirect focused traffic – While focused direct traffic is excellent, indirect traffic might be even much better. Thanks to social media, it’s possible for a reader to share something that they thought would be helpful with their friends and family members. Having a recommendation from a friend or family member that is backed up by a glowing evaluation on a sponsored blog post is nearly irresistible for most people. Believe about it this way: reading a glowing blog review might influence someone to convert, but reading a glowing blog review from a friend or family member that is also excited about the item is likely to not only produce multiple conversions but also to elicit further indirect spreading of extremely concentrated traffic.

3. Rankings – Well-written reviews with proper anchor text along with other SEO elements should help a business promote its own site on search engines. There is nothing more effective in internet advertising than ranking high for a particular set of keywords. As long as the links are passing what is currently referred to as ‘link juice’ to the website, sponsored blog posts are worth far more than just the total sum of the traffic that they are generating. In short, a good blog advertisement is both a method to generate traffic too as a quality backlink investment.

4. Cost-effective – Marketing in conventional media is still essential, but consumers are increasingly less influenced by television and print advertisements. One feasible explanation for this really is that slick multi-million dollar marketing campaigns arrive off like, well, slick multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. Guerrilla marketing has been around for ages and many of the exact same principles that work nicely in alternative advertising methods form the basis for high-quality blog evaluations.

5. Consumers take the extremely first step – Almost anyone who has studied marketing knows that conversion rates for cold calling and other such “blind” advertising methods are extremely low, while conversion rates for commercial venues are much higher. One from the most typical explanations for this particular fact is that buyers have an option within the latter scenario, and the same is true for blog advertising; buyers feel that they made the choice to arrive in a blog and they created the conscious choice to study about a product. This actually develops in consumers a sense of responsibility that Dr. Cialdini of Arizona State University’s psychology department says commits them to further action. 1 action defines us and drives us towards the next due to a need to seem consistent with our previous actions. We select to visit, we select to read, then we most likely select to convert because we have invested in the procedure.