Positive thinking and visualizing your goals is nothing new, but not many realize that this is the basis of a feng shui mindset. Attracting the right energy to get the outcomes that you want takes high energy and a positive mindset at all times. For some, that may mean constantly working on the mindset. Using feng shui to enhance the positive energy allows the mind to create a positive image of what is desired to attract it.

For one to achieve a feng shui mindset one needs to have energy flowing freely around them. To get that free-flowing energy, the home is the place to start. Here there is a need for a clean and clutter-free living space. Removing all obstacles that block and restrict the energies is essential. Lots of light and no clutter are required to create a free-flowing space for positive energy.

Thinking positive is another way to prepare oneself for a mindset in feng shui. When you put your energy into things that you don’t want, you end up attracting exactly what you don’t want in your life. If you want a promotion in your job but only focus on not getting it or someone else that may get it, you are giving your energy away and in the end that promotion you want.

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When you want that promotion, it is important to have a clear focus. Creating a clear and detailed image in the mind on what you want helps attract it to you. Picture clearly yourself accepting that promotion and being promoted. The clearer you can picture this, the more the energy is channeled into that scenario, and this needs to be the only thing that is focused on.

Harmony between your energy and your desires is very important. Visualizing yourself and experiencing those feelings that you would feel when getting a promotion will take imagination and a lot of energy. But when you allow yourself to feel those feelings of success, you create an energy that vibrates through the universe to attract those feelings back to you. The more you can do this, the more positive you can feel, the more you become a magnet to attract your goal.

Just like you have to clear your home and workplace of clutter, you have to do the same with the mind. To clean up the mind clutter a little soul searching may need to be done. Sometimes self-limiting beliefs stop you from getting your wants. Instead of thinking you don’t have what it takes, tell yourself you have everything you need to get that promotion. It is important to clear your mind of all that mental clutter that tears your energy down.

Once you have a clear focus, a clutter-free mind, and are creating harmony between your energy and your desires it is time to take inspired action. This is an action that comes to you, that is inspired by your own intuition. Following your own inner hunches and gut feelings will make you feel good and raise your energy to be even more magnetic to what you are going after. When a gut feeling or hunch comes to you, even if it seems illogical, act on it and you’ll be surprised at how right that feeling was.

It is important to work on your feng shui mindset every day to keep the positive energy flowing to make good things happen. Staying positive will help to expand the flow of energy, not only in your home life but also in your working life. The power of intention is helpful and just as important as intuitive action. When you expect to receive what you deserve, using feng shui techniques helps you take actions to get it.