Home Lifestyle Can a piece of jewelry tell you about the persons success?

Can a piece of jewelry tell you about the persons success?

Can a piece of jewelry tell you about the persons success
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How does jewelry affect our perception of another person? By bracelets, rings, chains, we can determine the status of a person, his financial position, preferences, success. The best way to tell about yourself without words is to use jewelry from pandora charms sale. For young girls, various thin rings, hearts, cupid arrows and many other attributes of pure and light first love are presented in a wide variety. For older ladies there are more serious elements: horseshoes and geometry, droplets and asterisks, keys and other models.

The combination of yellow and white gold looks exquisite, while all pendants can be kept in the same style or they are united by a certain feature. Many girls, keen on travel, collect the image of the capitals of different countries of the world. This could be the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, statues and more. Passion for colored stones and minerals can lead to a collection of similar items, framed by an elegant metal frame.

Another popular trend is collecting charms for bracelets as reminders of certain periods in life. It can be an open book in memory of graduating from school, figurines of the newlyweds in honor of the wedding, rings in honor of the engagement, hearts – according to the number of fans, and much more.

The visualization of the desired object with the help of such a trinket as a charm for a women’s bracelet in 2019 is in great demand among women of all ages. After all, it is so pleasant in your free moment to twist dreamily a golden key on a bracelet and imagine your new house or car. By the way, experts in the Chinese teachings of feng shui recommend having a small golden three-legged toad among their charms for a bracelet. It will definitely bring good luck in financial matters.