Equestrian sport is gaining popularity now.  And this is not casual.  It is perfect for having a great time with smart and beautiful animals.

However, it is very important to protect yourself to the fullest when riding horses.

At one time, safety stirrups became one of the greatest inventions of mankind.  This saddlery, which first appeared before our era, played a huge role in improving the fighting qualities of the cavalry.  Today stirrups remain an essential part of a horse’s harness, because it is with their help that the rider mounts the horse and maintains balance while riding.

The modern stirrup is a rigid metal ring fitted with a loop for hanging from the saddle.  Suspension, in turn, is carried out using a harness – a strap designed to adjust the distance between the saddle and stirrup in accordance with the rider’s leg length.

There are two types of stirrups – standard and safe.  The set for the first, made of plastic or stainless steel, includes special inserts with a grooved insert surface, which provide better grip on the rider’s shoes.

As you know, the largest percentage of severe injuries during equestrian sports occurs when the horsemen have a leg stuck in the stirrup when falling from a horse.  Safety stirrups have been specially developed to reduce the severity of the effects and are also available commercially.  The design of these saddle accessories uses a rubber ring that unfastens under the weight of a person in the event of a fall.

A good alternative to safety stirrups is a special plastic insert that prevents slipping and getting stuck in the stirrup.  This insert is bolted to the them and can be used with all standard models.

Protect yourself and buy your stirrups at a good price and high quality right now!