• Bengal lights or sparklers are the most common and affordable type of pyrotechnics. They create a festive atmosphere not only with sparkling burning, but also with a specific smell, which is why many newlyweds search the Internet for wedding sparkler tags uk.
    Bengal lights do not have a clear classification, but vary in color and size. Curly sparklers are often used at a wedding. They can be in the shape of hearts, letters, stars, etc.
    Large wedding sparklers are intended for outdoor use. They reach up to a meter in height. They are installed in a snowdrift or the ground, but you can also hold them in your hands.
  • How to make a successful holiday for your child for any occasion? Just imagine the admiration of children when incredible events that do not occur in everyday life begin to unfold before their eyes.
    Hampshire Magician will be happy to entertain your child and his guests at the holiday, especially since they always have a lot of tricks and secrets. In addition, each festive program is full of not only tricks, but also special jokes.
    Each program is compiled depending on the personal wishes of the clients in order to maximize the realization of your ideas about the future celebration.


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