You have decided to start selling on the Internet, thinking about creating a multi-page or one-page site for selling goods.

By choosing a suitable template for your online store and installing it, you will quickly fill the site with your content. Look through all the blocks that are on the page, enter your information there, replace texts, images. Next, make a large multi-page site catalog by product categories from this page of the site. In the title of the block, add the appropriate title. Use the product card to describe your products in detail. Save the site version. Once you’ve created one page, move on to the next. After completing this procedure for all versions, and saving them, you will get a full-fledged website for the sale of goods with different product pages. To view the final version of your site, go to the main page already in view mode.

Website creation and promotion is a very painstaking and long-term undertaking. Not everyone will want to do this on their own, so they call special companies for help. For a small price, they help to make the site the way you want it to be.

Your site will function constantly and customers will be able to order goods at any time of the day. You can also see your page traffic rank.

People don’t come to websites to admire beautiful designs and creativity. They seek answers to questions and solutions to their problems. They need selling information to make an informed buying decision.

A selling site should be aimed at a specific target audience. This focus is manifested in the semantic core, information on the site (texts and advertising offer), design and usability of the site. The client is the focus of the entire company. Therefore, everything on the site must be viewed from the point of view of the Client.