Many clients and customers who have been in the business for some time or new to the industry often ask the same question: what is the easiest and the most effective way to get your business name out on the “streets”? To be honest there is no single way of promoting your business and getting all the “cream” from it. You have to use multiple sources to make your business name stand out versus your competition. In addition, don’t forget it’s not only about getting your name out but also and the most important about you delivering the service or the product to the end user with all the promises you’ve made!

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Advertising your business name without supporting it with a quality service or product is not worth it. While getting the attention you might also get all the negative aspects of not satisfied customers who are not very happy with your product. To make the best out of advertising your business it has to be strongly supported with the statement and the deed that your business provides. As mention above, there is no single source of advertising and expanding business awareness. You should be engaged in numerous promotional, advertising, online presence, online media, PR, newspaper and magazine activities, and the more the better. You have to make sure that your name is in every source you can possibly get into. You should be advertising in your local newspapers and magazines as well as being a member of all relevant business/industry boards.  If advertising in local newspapers is not relevant or there is no budget for it, you might try to provide your service in compensation for the advertising you might get. You should also be giving out a sample (if relevant to your industry). Remember, that word-of-mouth is still a very good and relevant source of acquiring new customers and increasing awareness. If you have customers who are very delighted with the product/service that you provide you should try to influence them in a way that they become affiliates in advertising your business.

Do not try telling them to tell about you! You should make yourself as transparent as you can and make the products/service work for you. If you’ll try to approach them by expressing the interest in advertising your products/services they might feel uneasy and uncomfortable, you might also get the reaction of irritation which will result in losing a customer. Approaching the customer must be done very gently and without making the customer understand that he/she is being influenced by you. A smartly influenced customer will eventually become a gold magnet that will be bringing new leads to your business. Developing a skill of influencing a customer will increase your chances in business development and customer attraction.

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By attracting new customers you’ll be able to spend more resources on the regular marketing efforts, such as advertising in the local paper and etc. It is also very important to establish a newsletter, PR releases, and blogging. At its minimum, you should dedicate yourself to writing at least one PR post and one blog post per week, in addition to a monthly newsletter that should include all the current promotions and services you offer, with the information about your industry. Advertising your business name as well as advertising the services you provide will not happen over the night but it’s an effect that takes time to build and after it is developed it works for you as a Swiss watch. Don’t ever think that you’ll be able to stop at some point and your reputation will be working for you without your efforts, this is incorrect. It will never work if you’ll stop, sure it will last for a while but eventually, it will be lost and the momentum that you’ve created some time ago will have vanished. Getting your a business in the industry is like riding a bicycle if you stop you’ll lose them going.