When I speak to business owners, CEOs or entrepreneurs, whether it is a group or one on one, about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) I often feel a sense of unease and uncertainty. This is very good example of individuals or groups who had never experienced the power of SEO. Most of the time people/searchers think that the results on Google, Bing and Yahoo are created by search engines and websites are randomly appearing in search, and this is a falls assumption to some point! Most of the time people think this ways because of the next several reasons:

1. They don’t think about anything else except what they are looking for.

2. If they think about how the results get there they think that the results are always the same and maybe the websites take turns in appearing in search.

3. People think that if the website is on the first page it must be very old, very popular, and very reputable.

In conclusion, you may read about website analysis.

Half of the time’s reason number 3 is correct, however, you don’t have to have an old, very reputable and popular website with thousands of visitors per day to appear on the first page. The first page is just a sign that your website is performing much better than another hundred of websites in the same industry. You might ask: “so, how do I get there?” The answer is with the help of Professional SEO. SEO specialists help to put the websites on the first page for specific keywords and making them rank high so that the website is appearing on the first page. But wait, isn’t it called spamming? NO, it is not; simply because SEO Specialists are fast forwarding the websites ability to rank well and to be able to get to the first page. Without SEO many of the good websites with a high-quality ranking wouldn’t be given the right to appear first. Why? Because then it would only rank on the amount of time that one has spent on the internet or its name, something like A1 to be first in the Yellow Pages. When you have an internet business and/or e-commerce it is critical to appear on the first page as it is your business. But, it’s not only critical for online businesses to appear first. It should be important for everyone because of it all matters who sees you first. If the customer sees your website first then he/she will be able to contact your business and do a small research on your website regarding the products or services that you have to offer. If, the customer hasn’t found your website online then how the customer supposed to find you? In today’s industry, every customer matters a lot, and it is very important to keep your customers as opposed to handing them in the hands of your competition. Online search engine optimization gives you a unique opportunity to make your website visible to thousands of users every day. Keep in mind Search Engine Optimization does not happen over the night, in many many cases for the brand new website to become visible on the internet it takes from two to six months to appear in search results. Another thing, in many cases it doesn’t really matter whether your website is old or new if it hasn’t been optimized before. It means if you had your website for ten years but never done anything to it from the search optimization prospective then it is counted as a new website. Here is why: Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the majority of others can capture the data about your website if there are things going on with it. For example, someone is mentioning your website in comments, or sharing a link on the wall, or talking about your business or putting your website in the Links section of their website. This is the way your name gets around the internet and all of the sudden it appears unique because people are sharing it and if they are sharing it, they click and visit your website for the content you provide.