Finding new customers and generating new leads is one of the most important parts of your business. Your daily business life survives only on providing services or selling products to the customers. Without new fresh wave of clients, there is a slight chance that your business is doing well unless you are in the specialized industry such as mining where you only have 3 to 4 customers but they are the producers for the whole country. I’m talking about “regular” businesses, whether it is a food store, agency or a telecom reseller. Getting new customers into your doors is not an easy thing and it is not easy to keep them as well.

Here are several methods that you can use to acquire new customers:

1. In order to keep your current customers, you have to make sure you are servicing them appropriately. Servicing your current customers and making sure they receive what they are paying for is the key starter to make your business grow and expand. Every customer is a potential transparent advertiser for you. People are used to sharing the information and the knowledge they possess, therefore you should remember that there is a high chance of your customers sharing how good your product or service is.

2. Analyze your competition. You have to be aware of what your competition is doing. If you can analyze them it means you’ll be good at creating what they have but with better enchantments. For example, find out what kind of promotions they do, what agency they hire, their online presence, their community presence, trade shows they attend and etc. You should be finding as much information as you can! This will not only increase the chance of your customer acquisition but will also drive you to the new level of business knowledge and your ability to market yourself as you’ll learn what others do.

3. Create a new “wheel”. Yes, it is easy to use the same old techniques, but are they still effective? How many people use them? I’m pretty sure everybody. Do something of your own! Be creative, sit down and get to brainstorming, planning and strategizing on what you want to do and to achieve. Create something new and attractive. As an example, do a re-design of our store and submit photos to your local paper, support it with a PR article to attract new customers. Create an image of your shop and sell it. Remember that everybody loves attractive, flashy things and that exactly what we are trying to create, something attractive and representable for you to share with your clients.

4.  Expand your marketing. You should get into the habit of allocating a specific amount of money on your marketing activities. It doesn’t have to be a half of what has earned in a month, but you should firmly allocate a specific percentage of our monthly earnings to you “Marketing Fund”. This should become your monthly routine, and in a couple of months you’ll see that you have a sufficient amount of money to begin your marketing campaigns and routine.

5. Use as many resources as you can. Try pulling all the available resources to you. You never know anyone’s abilities unless you’ve asked them! Same applies to the resources and places where you can market your business; by applying this activity you can become visible to many of your customers.

6. Connect with your customer! Don’t miss out a chance to communicate and connect with your customers at every chance that you have. Engage yourself into the tradeshows, events and other activities where you can meet face to face with your customers.

7. Social Media. I know this is a drag and you’ve probably heard this around ten thousand times, but this truly works! If you’ll be able to connect and engage yourself with your potential and existing customers then over the time you’ll be able to create a wide network of people who like your company, your product/service or personally you.

To be able to employ all those methods you have to set your mind and realize that the work has to be done by you. Get ready and try to allocate specific deadline and time limits for activities so that you know how much time you need. For the first couple of days or tries don’t limit yourself, as you have to find out the approximate time for each task. If you have any questions please leave a comment or send a direct message through the Contact Us form. Good Luck!