Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) – has dramatically increased its popularity due to the internet growth. SEO is a great source of increasing the popularity of your website on the internet. It is very useful for any kind of business that has an online presence because primer role of SEO to attract and/or increase the number of visitors to your website. Search engine optimization goes back to as early as 1995 with several search engines available on the internet. The basic idea is to help search engines to analyze and determine websites with specific content and optimize them so that they appear visible to the public who is looking for the same terms or subjects. Although SEO is very helpful many individuals made it a tool of spam as they would over use it and use techniques that would potentially harm safe search for users. For example, SEO can be used to trick search engines into thinking that the website is about shoes, however, when you would visit the website you’ll see that there are no shoes but the owners are trying to sell you cheap watches. Because of those issues, major search engines made it possible to battle spammers and overcome those issues by developing complex algorithms to calculate and websites parameters. The search engine algorithm is a unique piece of code that is designed to calculate many criteria of the website, such as websites name, page URLs, page headings, page content and many more. Search engines use such as Google, Yahoo and Bing use crawlers to crawl websites for the information that helps to analyze all of its content to make judgments if the website is sufficient and relative enough to the content it is providing and to the keywords that it is being optimized for. SEO is a tremendous source for any business owner to use as it provides efficient, cost-effective and high on return results. The down side of course is you cannot measure it. You can’t calculate the exact number of leads, calls or conversions generated from it; however, you can approximately see the scope and definite increase in the business cycle. One important thing to mention is if your website has never been optimized and it is a first time or it has been optimized for some time and then it stopped, it might take anywhere from 3 to 6 month to notice first progress. Website optimization is a good technique to increase your website’s visibility and increase the number of new users visiting your website. In addition, there are many techniques that can be used for SEO.