Popularity of TikTok is growing rapidly. This is a young social network, but more than 500 million users from 150 countries of the world were registered in it. All of them are potential customers. TikTok provides an opportunity for anyone to promote their channel, and then monetize it and make money.

Previously, people under 18 prevailed here, but now more and more solvent audiences are appearing in TikTok, and this audience will only grow. Therefore, TikTok offers unlimited earning opportunities.

Most of the videos in TikTok are published under musical accompaniment. This cannot but have a positive effect on the popularity of the performers of audio tracks, because other bloggers at TikTok repeat the original video and promote the author.

Often less popular performers write to the tiktokers asking them to record a video for their new song. Of course, for a fee. It is worth noting that this requires a large number of subscribers. Sometimes tiktokers buy TikTok followers. Recording clips in TikTok is as simple as possible, so hundreds of thousands of them are stamped daily, due to which the audio tracks have a huge audience reach.

Selling your goods or services. This variant is also resorted to many other social networks, where the function of conducting live broadcasts is available. Start a live broadcast, wait for subscribers to join, and when a large audience gathers, begin to advertise your products.

We recommend you advertise unobtrusively, approaching the marketing offer smoothly so that users do not think that you created the broadcast just for the sake of increasing sales. This way of earning money can be used not only on live broadcasts, but, for example, to shoot interesting videos where you unobtrusively advertise your goods and services.