College life is a new experience for high school students who dream about it for years. But it’s never the way the dream goes. Although it might seem that college life has many perks like independence and freedom. But the freedom is not real and independence is not as good as students think.

The start is depressing for some who become afraid of those heavy books or the dorm rooms with crazy roommates. The ragging is the scariest of all, even for the bullies of high school. However, the orientation is very welcoming and warm from seniors as well. So there are mixed feelings for freshmen in the first week.

Another important step in student life may be automatic driving lessons nuneaton.

Then the semester with extreme competition and an impossible amount of assignments, quizzes, and midterm start and it takes time for students to adjust. Once they adjust, it becomes easier and the parties and fun activities become the routine. But once in a while, there are academic surprises by teachers to keep the students on track.

Then towards the end, the studies get harder, the projects tougher and the friendships stronger. Students learn multiple techniques to get assignments by coordinating with others. And the college paper drains the color from the faces of the whole senior batch who occasionally holler requests like assist me to write my college paper. The groupings isolate the friends from each other as the paper takes most of their time. They spend the major time of their last days in isolation with their group members. Hence the college life is not how it seems but survival is only possible if you have a strong intellect and excellent management skills.