A dissertation or thesis proposal proposes a project with a research problem in terms of a research question, the answer to which is your research of course. If the proposal gets accepted by the research committee, you are then allowed to go ahead with your thesis. A thesis is actually called a hypothesis as well, which means that you need to be clear about what you are to write even before you start writing. Proposal writing is the very first and the key task of the whole process as it fastens the procedure of writing and helps you stay on the track while you are in the process of writing your views and findings.

The very first sentence in your proposal is your thesis statement which encompasses the gist of your dissertation. It has to be to-the-point and all-encompassing for the reader to have a clear idea of what your proposition is all about. Then you may go ahead and explain the complicated or intricate terms in your proposal, if any, to clarify your claim and to make it comprehensible enough for the reader/audience.

The next step is to verify your thesis statement with the help of some evidence in order for your thesis to be accepted as viable by the committee. A statement should follow as proof of the claim you put in your thesis. The purpose of this statement is to show how the proposition you put forward in your thesis statement is correct. This statement is meant to give a solid ground to your proposal.

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There are certain well-established theses out there which you need to take into consideration, for those might be somewhat similar to what you may be proposing. Therefore, after establishing the grounds for your thesis, you need to put forward the idea that the other similar methods of knowing the answer to your proposition do not apply to your dissertation and that your research will be taken forward from a different viewpoint. This is done to make your research worthy and logical to be carried forward.
Then comes the statement of the method which will be applied by you in finding out the unknown (as you wanted your claim to be assumed by everyone out there) and to expatiate the thesis process in the best possible way.

Proposals put forward a claim which is like a contract that you need to fulfill. Therefore, never claim what you can’t redeem and you will master the art of writing a proposal for your dissertation.